Hi! I thought that I would send you some feedback on the new mask now that I have used it twice.

  1. Definitely shake it before applying.
  2. Easy to apply.
  3. Very reasonable dry time.
  4. Left my skin with a SATIN LIKE texture, SMOOTH, and even FIRM!
  5. These effects lasted for several days!
  6. Must use a moisturizer after rinsing off. No unreasonable dryness effects when moisturizer is used afterwards. This would be a great treatment for those with acne breakouts, but have dry skin.
  7. Way better and more effective than anything from the drug store!

Really, this is a great product. It is almost like a very very mild peel. Therefore, great for the price. I hope this feedback helps is some way.

Thanks for making great EFFECTIVE products!

A huge fan,

April Marshall,
April 7, 2005