I have to say that the Mandelic products are amazing. I have always had reasonably decent skin, oily, pimples and enlarged pores around the nose. Not flawless, but most certainly not terrible. Last year, right around the time that I hit 40, I started having massive negative changes in my skin. It would get terribly greasy and oily and then dry and flaky. (peri-menopuase related I imagine). Then, for some unknown reason and unknown to me, I went anaemic. My skin was so dry and I was getting rows upon rows of tiny pimple bumps on my forehead, cheeks, and chest. I would use a scrub, but because I still held on to the old-fashioned idea that I needed to baby my fragile skin, I bought expensive thick moisturizers and slathered them on multiple times a day. All to no avail, and making the acne and enlarged pores even worse. I had often heard about “adult acne”. I lamented that I would have to deal with this as an adult. “I have enough problems!” I would think to myself, “why do I need to deal with this too?”

Around this time I also started to develop Rosacea like symptoms on one cheek. (this may be partly due to other medical conditions). I started searching for something, anything to help with this embarrassing situation. I found the NuCèlle product online and read some of the testimonials pertaining to Rosacea, and decided to try just the 10% serum and the toner. At the same time I heard Dr. Denese’s lecture on PBS. Her theories and the Mandelic products really made sense to me.

I must say that using these products have turned my skin around almost 180 degrees. So remarkable they are. Not only is my skin smoother, and the pores that were becoming huge are now visibly much smaller, but the deep cysts that I was also getting and the discoloration that they leave, are almost completely gone after only 8 weeks. Now, if I get a hormonal cyst/pimple it comes to a head really quickly and leaves just as quickly instead of lingering for months with a dark spot and multiple cysts cropping up in the same spot over and over again.

In the past, I had often been complimented on my skin. I never understood why, as I had occasional pimples and some enlarged pores. If I am complicated now, I cannot wait to tell the person to run, not walk, to buy these products. I have incorporated some of Dr. Denese’s techniques for how to clean the skin, but the products that I am using almost exclusively are NuCèlle.

Thank you so much for the products. Now I feel more confident about my appearance, when this was becoming another issue on top of medical issues that I just did not want to deal with.

A customer for life!


Lalain Michaud Williams

June 3, 2005