Call me a believer. I have used many, many different skin care products over the years and am considerably “picky” about what products go on my face. With a history of Lyme Disease, I have to be extra cautious of harmful ingredients, as I've been advised to avoid any unnecessary chemicals. I had been an avid tanner too. So I was having a hard time finding a product line that would remedy all the discoloration on my face due to too much sun. Furthermore, my background is women's health, nutrition and well-being. It's my passion to help women help themselves in looking and feeling their best.

I started using NuCèlle not really anticipating “anything special.” I really thought the products would be “OK,” not much different than the average skin care product out there, and I've tried them all.

Boy, was I surprised at the results! After trying NuCèlle products myself, I'm excited about being able to recommend them to others. They are wonderfully effective & safe..... I still am overwhelmed at just how much smoother in texture and more even-toned my face looks with only 2 1/2 weeks of regular use! I wish I could show everyone reading this how my skin glows now. Pictures just don't even do the results justice. A better testimonial would probably be that my husband, who doesn't usually notice “my face” (or much “girly stuff”) looked at me one morning, shortly after I started my NuCèlle Regime, and remarked, “Wow, Hunny. Your face looks really young today.” It doesn't get any better than that.

Try it. It's a rare product line that I feel confident and comfortable completely endorsing. NuCèlle is great. Just try it and see for yourself. You'll become a believer too......

Lisa Arnold, Naples, Florida