I wanted to write a thank you letter to your company for the amazing product you created.

I had blemish free skin for most of my life until one really bad year where I lost my job, my wife divorced me and my father passed away. All this stress put my skin through hell and I ended up have Adult Acne and horrible red pigmentation around my cheeks, face and nose all the time. For about three years, I tried everything to improve my skin from putting honey on it to seeing a dermatologist regularly.

In November of 2004, I went to a skin clinic to get some
my skin) when I was introduced to your Mandelic Serum. Since I started using that, my face has lost its redness, the layer of dead skin has peeled off and I am now on the verge of regaining my looks that were lost three years ago. This is not to mention the great surge in self esteem that has returned to my life. So thanks again. Every dermatologist in the US should be prescribing your product.

Michael Duke