About a year and one half ago, I noticed that my facial skin had developed redness, ruddiness, and broken capillaries. Flare - ups would occur when I would wash my face, be in the shower, drink a glass of wine, be in extreme cold or heat, and also be in the sun. Each time, my nose and cheeks would turn pure red. My facial skin was also extremely oily. So, I sought the advice of a medical doctor.

I found out that I had a skin condition known as Rosacea. My dermatologist prescribed medication from the pharmacy. I used the medication for about 8 months and saw no improvement in the condition of my skin.

At that time, I began to search the Internet for alternative solutions for my Rosacea. I tried a new product, claiming to help Rosacea. I tried it for five months, but again I saw little improvement in my skin tone. So again, determined to find a solution to my condition, I searched the Internet for products that dealt specifically with Rosacea. This is when I found the product line, NuCèlle with Mandelic Marine Complex.

I have now been using this product line for five months. The products from NuCèlle that I am using are the Mandelic Cleanser, Toner and Mandellic Serum.

Within the first three weeks I began to notice a difference in my complexion. For the first time, in one and a half years, I could see my natural skin color. My skin today has a rosy glow to it and does not have the ruddiness. My facial skin does not have flare - ups any more. I can be in extreme cold and heat outside, have a drink of alcohol, eat spicy food, be in the sun, and not worry about the embarrassing redness that would happen when I found myself in these situations. The facial oiliness also has disappeared. And, I even see that my broken capillaries have lightened.

I am writing this letter, hoping that through my experience, other men and women with Rosacea might discover the benefits and rewards achieved from using the products from NuCèlle skin care system. It is in hopes that they might also feel good about their skin, and that they too can go out into the world without fears and embarrassment from having Rosacea. Thanks to NuCèlle, I feel great about my skin.

Thank you, NuCèlle!!!